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Seth Shapiro AlphaNetworks to Debut at Korea Blockchain Week

AlphaNetworks, Netflix Experience On The Blockchain To Debut At Korea Blockchain Week


Emmy Winner, Author, and AlphaNetworks CEO Seth Shapiro will provide the Korea Blockchain Week closing keynote at the invitation-only FoundationX event in Seoul, Korea on July 22nd.

Author, AlphaNetworks Founder/CEO, and two-time Emmy winner Seth Shapiro is slated to introduce AlphaNetworks, the enterprise video platform positioned as “Netflix & YouTube reinvented on the blockchain, powered by A.I.,” during the Korean Blockchain Week closing keynote address, July 22nd, at the exclusive FoundationX event and party in Seoul, Korea.

Shapiro will introduce the Korea Blockchain week attendees to a “sneak-peak” of AlphaNetworks revolutionary feature set, management and creative team, including, a walkthrough of the first A.I. & token-driven entertainment platform. An introduction to the AlphaNetworks management team and their 25 years of entertainment industry relationships. An introduction to AlphaNetworks award-winning media industry content partners and producers.

Shapiro will also introduce AlphaNetworks unique value proposition to influencers and creators that will include transparent and equitable economics, new revenue streams and opportunities, and increased creative freedom.

Shapiro will also touch upon the AVOD, SVOD, and TVOD advantages for advertisers.

Shapiro will also share insight in Alpha Networks superior approach to user experience, which will include token and dollar rewards, A.I.-driven recommendation and customization, gamification, integrated community, and micropayments for content based on consumption.

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