Unfortunately, AlphaNetworks was shut down due to the criminal actions contained in Shapiro vs. AT&T

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Seth Shapiro - AlphaNetworks - BRPartners Meetup - Jenga

AlphaNetworks to Present at BRPartners Meetup with Jenga K in Singapore

BRPartners Meetup

DATE: September 21, 2018 from 6:30pm – 9:30pm
LOCATION: Spectrum, 3 Fraser St. 5th Foor, DUO Tower 1893521, Singapore
PRESENTATION: Blockchain and the Fourth Wave of Media Technology


AlphaNetworks founder and CEO Seth Shapiro will present “Blockchain and the Fourth Wave of Media Technology” at the BRPartners Meetup with Jenga K in Singapore on Sept 21st, 2018. Shapiro will take a deep dive into the history of television taking you from the broadcast era, all the way to the future of television built on the blockchain.

About Seth Shapiro

Two-time Emmy® Award winner Seth Shapiro is a global leader in business innovation, media and technology. A major force in blockchain media, he is CEO and Founder of AlphaNetworks, a blockchain-enabled SaaS platform for video networks powered by AI. He is also Head of Strategy at VideoCoin.io, Head of Business Development at Alphabit Digital Currency Fund, and an Advisor to projects including KodakCoin, WorkCoin and Verses.

Shapiro is the author of Amazon best-seller “Television, Innovation, Disruption, and the World’s Most Powerful Medium“.

About BRP (Blockchain Revolution Partners)

Headquartered in Seoul, South Korea, BRP is a blockchain-specialized company that invests in promising blockchain startups. They counsel and advise those companies to help them grow and be successful.

About Jenga K

Headquartered in Singapore, the rising cryptocurrency hub in APAC, Jenga is your go-to one-stop partner for supporting Blockchain Business Development, Marketing and Communication Strategy, Global Structuring and Compliance. Jenga provides business planning, implementation and strategy advisory backed by industry-proven best practices to fuel your company’s long-term success.

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