Unfortunately, AlphaNetworks was shut down due to the criminal actions contained in Shapiro vs. AT&T

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TomKu Live - AlphaNetworks Interview

TomKu Live – AlphaNetworks, The Future of Media on the Blockchain – Interview

TomKu Live interviewed AlphaNetworks founder and CEO Seth Shapiro at the BRP Meetup – Seoul Korea. Find out more about the inner workings of this blockchain-enabled platform as they cover topics like personal data, use of blockchain technology, artificial intelligence, rewards, compensation, and real data for content creators and advertisers.

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About TomKu Live

Mission: To enhance the understanding of ICO projects and other blockchain-related activities through genuine conversations with the key players, the interviews intend to discuss the ICO projects in-depth with the goal to identify the project’s potential weaknesses or problems and either address or share them with the audiences.

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